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Livestock Global Assurance program (LGAP) to be piloted

Saturday, May 16, 2015
The development of LGAP is approaching the stage where it will require piloting. The objectives of the pilot are to:
  • Ensure all components of the Program under development work properly in the operating environments.
  • Test the proposed implementation process, specifically: The application process, internal evaluations, on-site evaluations, management of non-conformities, risk assessment, allocation of risk rating and surveillance frequencies and the certification decision processes.
  • Assess the Program support materials, tools and resources, including the IT system, manuals, auditor and facility training, reporting and monitoring.
  • Assess the implications for the Program as to the practical requirements of the Facilities and Operators.
  • Support the ongoing process of budgeting LGAP.

This pilot will occur in Malaysia (goats), Indonesia (cattle) and the Middle East (sheep). In order to select pilot sites, terms of reference were circulated by the ALEC CEO to industry on 11 May. Exporters who would like to be part of the pilot are asked to follow the instructions provided in the terms of reference and return their nomination form by close of business 15 May. It is expected that the pilots will be conducted in late 2015 in Facilities that are approved under ESCAS. 

The process to secure pilot Certification Bodies to conduct evaluation and certification services during the pilot is being finalised by the Consultative Committee. Certification Bodies will be invited to submit an application for consideration as a Pilot Certification Body. Terms of reference will be provided and interested parties will be able to attend a briefing session (via teleconference) to learn more about the requirements for Certification Bodies under LGAP as well as the process being taken for the pilot. 

This process is being run to emulate the process for application and approval of Certification Bodies that will exist under LGAP and to ensure all interested parties are treated equally, transparently and fairly. This process for Certification Bodies is due to commence on 19 May. It is expected that the invitation and terms of reference for Certification Bodies to apply will be circulated to exporters who are asked to pass onto their current ESCAS audit providers. Other Certification Bodies who may not currently audit under ESCAS will also be invited to apply and the terms of reference will be made available via the MLA website. Certification Bodies will have from 19 May until 23 June in which to respond to the terms of reference.